• 1st floor apartment

    Apartment in Devin Gardens II.

    Scandinavian interior design developed to showcase apartment offering in Devin Gardens


The minimalist interior apartment in the Nordic style is designed in warm shades of oak veneer and snow white kitchen cabinets in combination with gray accessories and appliances.

These colors allow future owners to reclaim their own interior accessories, introducing other colors that will always perfectly match the interior.

Despite its orientation towards the northeast, the apartment is light and bright thanks to large windows overlooking the garden.

111 m2

of living space


room apartment with garden

111 m2

of living space


room apartment with garden

Kitchen and living room

Beautiful views of the garden and surrounding countryside create the ideal place to relax in today’s busy world. The key element visible in the open layout of the living area is a designer table built for six. We have visually separated the two rooms by using a drop in ceiling drywall. The tailor-made kitchen with appliances made in Germany fits into the concept of minimalism and functionality. Incorporated is a cook-top island with bar seating overlooking the TV and garden.

Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, obývačka
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, obývačka
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, obývačka
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, kuchyňa


The day area is dominated by stained oak veneer tiles combined with snow-white sprayed surfaces for the kitchen and oak laminate floor with exposed grooves. The dining room contains a table of solid oak and dark gray designer wood chairs.

Oak veneer

Oak veneer

Interior cladding

Light gray

Light gray

Tiles and accessories

Honey oak

Honey oak


Wood materials compliment textile seats and the smoothly woven carpet. The children’s room hosts white, semi-matt sprayed furniture. The walls are plastered with white plaster. The bathroom and toilet boast ceramic tiles in combination with colorful mosaics.


As the main living area, the living room with kitchen and dining room is used daily, where the family spends most of their time. The day area ties in with the two children’s bedrooms. The dominant siding is not accidental as panels are inconspicuously hidden. Behind one sliding panel is hidden the master bedroom with access to the master bathroom. The second entry was places in the entrance area, where it passes into the second bathroom with shower and laundry facility hidden behind frosted glass doors.

  • Pôdorys 1.NP
    • Terrace
    • Entry with closet
    • WC with shower
    • Bathroom
    • Closet
    • Kitchen and living room
    • Bedroom
    • Children’s room
    • Study


When crossing the threshold of the home, guests are welcomes with a generously designed entrance area, which does not appear so at first sight. The opposite is true. The entry is divided in to two parts with veneer sliding panels. Hidden behind them is build-in storage space and an entrance to one of the bathrooms. Additional storage offers a mirror wall with build-in closet.

Byt na 1. podlaží
Byt na 1. podlaží
Byt na 1. podlaží
Byt na 1. podlaží

Bedroom with bathroom

The most intimate zone was placed within an inconspicuous sliding panel, smoothly incorporated in to the veneer covering. Included is the custom-made bed and wardrobe. Across from the bedroom is direct access to the master bathroom. Since the apartment consists of underfloor heating, ceramic tiles are found not just in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom.

Children’s room and study

The children’s rooms are designed to be versatile, to adapt to children of any age. Essentials consist of sprayed white custom-made furniture. After adding accessories in various colors, the bedrooms come to life creating a sufficiently pleasant and playful environment.

Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, detská izba
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, kúpeľňa
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, wc, toaleta


The toilet is in close proximity to the entry. Space is nothing outstanding, yet intriguing. The entrance to the bathroom captivates with bright yellow mosaic tiles, the effect of scattered daylight behind glass doors. The toilet and shower are separated with a laundry work space found beneath the stair spandrel.

Furniture and accessories

Interior furniture comprises a mix of custom-made pieces complimented by design elements from the worlds leading designer brands. Designing the furniture from scratch allowed us to have a great deal of flexibility and full control over the look of the whole duplex apartment. Furniture design borrows colours from all around the apartment. The combination of oak wood and other materials creates a nice harmony and gives the interior a balanced feel.

  • Husk H3G armchair

    Husk H3G armchair

    B&B Italia

  • Side table Cartagena

    Side table Cartagena


  • About a Chair

    About a Chair


  • Bar stool Master

    Bar stool Master


  • Dining table Bloom

    Dining table Bloom


  • Ironica chair

    Ironica chair


    Virtual tour

    We developed immersive experience in form of a virtual tour for the clients. Virtual tours works on the basis of special glasses such as Oculus Rift, which when adorned, an individual can find themselves in their future apartment. You will see your home in photorealistic quality, perceive the depth and dimension of space, color, material or glare like the real thing. It’s the ideal way to find out whether the interior of the apartment will be something you will enjoy.

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    This interior design was prepared to showcase apartment variations and capabilities of Devin Gardens offering. Don't miss opportunity to watch short behind the scenes video from Devin Gardens Open days where we presented this design to visitors.

    Would you like to learn more about interior design as it happens or what services we provide?

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