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Treat you and your family to the home of your dreams.

Nowadays, more and more importance is attached to a good, modern design. Architects are constantly trying to give something as ordinary as a family home new form, to find new meaning and use. Although the effort to push boundaries plays a major role in the design basis, it should always create a pleasant environment for family life.

We at Archstyl believe that with the creation of a comfortable environment, comes the creation of a real family home.

Every house that we design is original, directly tailored to the needs of their owners. It distinguishes them from all others and reflects their personality and lifestyle. Many times it’s a long term investment and not worth the compromise in places where you spend so much time.

On the other hand, all of the standards associated with modern living still comply. Its operation is economically efficient, environmentally friendly and combines the latest technologies aimed towards the comfort and safety of the whole family.

Whether it’s a modern home or multigenerational residence, an experienced team of architects in Archstyl have a solution for you.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our clients. Their big advantage being the connected status of our services available in one complete package. From initial stages of the project, which together create the fundamental concept, through energy and construction optimization, to the final appearance of the interior, you will find everything nicely under our one roof.

Zoltán Horváth
Zoltán Horváth

Zoltán Horváth

Zoltán Horváth


Zoltán Horváth
Zoltán Horváth

Zoltán Horváth

Zoltán Horváth


How does a project come about?

The procedure for the preparation of a residential home consists of several phases. Let’s take a look together at how the different phases progress.

Even before the start of the design, we must become familiarized with the land on which the house is built. Each plot has its own specific characteristics which, together with your requirements, create the initial design elements. We at this point receive enough information and begin the process of design creation.


The first step is the placement of the house on the property, its size, number of floors, roof type and orientation towards the brighter areas. Ideal is when glass surfaces are oriented with an emphasis on heat gain during winter and shading during summer.


After the selection of basic building materials and energy efficient concepts, comes the optimization of engineering elements. It is necessary to establish structural requisites while shaping the visual appearance of the home.


Subsequently, we select the right configuration of structures with respect to their thermal properties. It is important to achieve the desired qualities, as from 2016, every new building will require enough characteristics to be considered ultra-energy efficient homes.

Ultra-energy efficient homes

A building that is highly energy efficient. In practice, this means that the amount of energy they consume during the year will be significantly lower compared to the current standard. Such energy savings, however, has its drawbacks in form of higher investment costs.


Architectural design is done within this phase, beginning with the preparation of documentation for building permits and possibly zoning permits. The documentation includes project structural, electrical, sanitary and others as needed.

Project sanitation

This part of the project documentation includes:
  • water plans and sewage connections,
  • the distribution of internal water supply and sewage connected to interior elements such as faucets, washing machines, etc.,
  • technical drawings and specifications for all of the above mentioned documentation.


For large projects, it is necessary to apply for land use permission. After obtaining a decision, one can immediately apply for a building permit. Delays should be expected when visiting some administrations. After obtaining a building permit, you are ready to begin construction.


Vendor selection and implementation of the building itself is a chapter in itself. We recommend our certified suppliers and see to it that during the construction phase, you receive exactly what was agreed upon during the design phase.

Complete service package

Within a project, cooperation occurs between a number of different professions. You, however, do not have to care for them, since we’re there to help you along.

Our goal is to simplify the process as much as possible. We are with you from the beginning to the very end, safely guiding you through each phase of the project. We enjoy developing family homes as a whole, ranging from exterior design, to interior custom-made furniture. Only in this way can we guarantee perfect satisfaction for our clients.


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