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Imagine a place where you spend your most precious moments with the people you care about most. You no longer need to dream – welcome home.

Why should we design your home?

In these hurried days, we spend about 90% of our time indoors. Whether it’s in our workplace or at home, it’s startling how much of our lives we spend inside. Therefore, it only makes sense that this time is spent in as much comfort as possible.

We at Archstyl believe that our living space should on one hand be appealing, but on the other fully functional. This philosophy translates into every single design that we create for our clients. First, we emphasize on using the space effectively. With this, the subdivision of certain zones goes hand in hand, which will separate the home into day and night uses. The interior is created with regard to your lifestyle so that rooms for relaxation are always darker and colder parts of the home. On the contrary, most people spend their active time in nice, bright environments. It is therefore very important that the day area is correctly oriented and illuminated. Thus, a major role is played by the correct type and amount of lighting

Another factor that effects us and our environment is the design itself. It appears in our setting in various forms, from designer furniture, to use of materials and accessories. All beautifully balanced and effectively deployed.

For interior design to operate as a whole, everything must have its place, and all elements must fit together. This is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of experience. That is why we are here for you. Our experienced team of professionals are ready to help advise you on the way to your new dream housing.

Our designs Downtown apartment reconstruction won first place in the international design competition BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2019.


Zuzana Horniaková
Zuzana Horniaková

Zuzana Horniaková

Zuzana Horniaková

Lead Designer

Zuzana Horniaková
Zuzana Horniaková

Zuzana Horniaková

Zuzana Horniaková

Lead Designer

How is interior design made?

The procedure when preparing interior design for a project consists of several phases. Let’s take a look at how the different phases progress.

Even before the start of the design, we must get better acquainted with you and your expectations. The interior is a very personal place, so we always try to understand all the requirement. We ourselves have our own unique handwriting and that carries over into each design, therefore we attempt to discover if our particular character will satisfy the client.


We’re happy to have you provide us with as much information as possible regarding the area you wish to have designed. Furthermore, we’re interested in hearing about your lifestyle, preferences, and the type of design and color you prefer. Feel free to bring examples.


Based on the information we received, we’ll prepare the interior design, including realistic and basic technical solutions. We’ll keep in touch during the creation process, in order to incorporate possible observations.


Next is the implementation phase, which includes the preparation of the project, comprised of the detailed technical solution to all participating elements in the interior. During the actual implementation we supervise its progress and provide counsel with the choice of equipment.


Detailed technical documentation is catered to the needs of each construction profession, necessary for the realization of your interior. It’s also a part of the inventory of materials and labor, which is used to calculate the costs of implementation.

In the right hands

We have a lot of experience in designing and realizing interiors. By this time, we have designed many nice interiors for our clients.

Penthouse, staré mesto, Bratislava, bytový dizajn, dizajnová kuchyňa, biela tehla
Dizajnové doplnky do interiéru
Dizajnová posteľ na mieru
Dizajnová obývacia izba s kuchyňou
Detská izba
Kúpeľna s dizajnovým obkladom a radiátorom

Satisfaction, guaranteed

We guarantee that the implementation phase will match the interior design study.

Implementation tends to complicate things. With us, there’s no need to worry that the finished product will end in an unpleasant surprise. The whole process is under our control and we guarantee that the interior will be implemented according to what had been agreed upon. This can be achieved thanks to the fact that we design and manufacture custom-made designer furniture.

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  • “Professional services and a great attitude. I am extremely happy with the result and recommend Archstyl to anyone who enjoys excellent design and above standard services.”

    Michal Lavrinčík

    Michal Lavrinčík

    Manager, Bratislava

  • “The service price surprised me at first, but later I found out that the value I received in the form of information and guidance saved me time and money.”

    Miroslav Mihál

    Miroslav Mihál

    Financial analyst, Bratislava


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