• Family house in Senec

    Family house in Senec

    The design of a modern interior located near the capital of Slovakia.


We focused on aligning the design with the demands of a young family, so that it fulfils the family’s needs while reflecting its unique character. The large scope of this project required us to start designing already during the framing phase. This allowed us to incorporate all the necessary technology into the construction in such a way, as to not disturb the final design.

The design itself is modern, with added elements of minimalism in the spirit of Coco Chanel – “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” The interior of the house bears natural tones, using oak veneer in contrast with white and black marble décor, finished in blue accents. The sizeable portal aluminium windows allowed us to use a rather large amount of black combined with wood without the interior looking dark.

The vertical garden reinvigorates the interior, transporting a piece of nature right into the centre of attention. The brass details balance out the large amount of black used and soften the overall image.

267 m2

living space


months to design


months to deliver

267 m2

living space


months to design


months to deliver

Living room

„Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.“

The most striking element of the living room is, obviously, the stark blue sofa with a beautiful coffee table made out of a single piece of solid wood poured in composite. No less eye-catching is the sizeable green wall with live plants, which are maintained via their own irrigation system with both the pump and tank hidden in the furniture underneath the plants. Other than contributing to the lively and pleasant mood, it also increases humidity. The TV wall is completely comprised of storage space. The backside consists of 1.2 x 3m-sized panels with a marble pattern, whereas the lighting is housed in the horizontal niche. The space itself communicates really well with the kitchen and dining room thanks to its openness. The dining room table, same as the coffee table placed in the living room, is also made out of a single solid piece of wood poured in composite..


The materials used in the house form a harmonious whole. The main material responsible for the homely warmth is the oak flooring concealing the floor heating, in addition to the furniture made out of oak veneer. These elements are then combined with multiple colours and materials. In the kitchen, these are the anthracite worktop and sprayed dark semi-matte cupboards, oak veneer and black ceramic large-scale panelling with a marble pattern on the floor.

Oak rustique

Oak rustique


Black marble

Black marble


White marble

White marble


We used blue velvet and brass in some places as accents. The tinted black or bronze glass used in the bathrooms and other rooms is also worth a mention.


The layout of the house is in the shape of a U and is separated into a day and night section with a large amount of wardrobes and storage space. The shape itself connects together all the rooms on the ground floor, which communicate with each other and meet in the middle of the atrium. The only change we made in terms of the design was the replacement of a full partition in the bedroom closet with a glass wall.


The basic design of the kitchen radiates order and purity. In order to achieve this, we had to figure out a way to hide the kitchen elements in a clever fashion. We used flat pulls for the right side of the tall segment, which houses the oven, coffeemaker and kitchen accessories. The focal points of the kitchen are the stone worktop and back wall, the cooker plate integrated at unity level with the worktop, boasting a venting system making use of pipes hidden under the flooring and leading outside. You might also notice the two horizontal water taps, one of which brings in locally-filtered water, while the other is connected directly to the central water supply.


Multiple pieces of modern technology found their way into the house, such as HRV, smart electricity, LED lighting and light scene support, sound system, hood venting into the exterior through the pipeline beneath the floorboards, floor heating and, last but not least, timer-controlled automatic irrigation and lighting of the green wall. All of this technology needed the appropriate space to function properly, in addition to being concealed, so as to not feel intrusive.

Closet and bathrooms

The master closet was designed in accordance with the investor’s needs and is evenly separated into a male and female area. As mentioned previously, the full partition was replaced with a glass wall in a bronze tint.

The master bathroom was designed with dark colours in mind, using large-scale black panels, a compact board, veneer furniture, all combined with black sanitary ceramics and taps. The large glossy and dark surface is compensated with LED lighting of the furniture and the bathroom itself. We also used dark tinted glass for the shower.

The children bathroom bears soft earthen colours combined with white taps. The freestanding sink is set up unusually low, in order to improve the ergonomics of washing a small child. The hexagonal panelling levelled with the gypsum board constitutes yet another interesting element.

The toilet and other bathroom use a combination of white marble and various LEDs. To visually increase the size of the space, we designed a set of mirrors hiding the storage space and creating and interesting view into infinity.

Other rooms

Since this is a family with multiple children, the children’s rooms were designed as a boys’ and girls’ room. The layout is identical, with only the colour scheme changing from blue to old rose pink.

The unusual garage was designed only for its intended function with lots of storage space and LEDs.


The staircase is also a designer piece. It is comprised of anthracite treads connected with massive steps, whereas the railing from the side of the hallway bears unusual steel strips anchored at different angles into the ceiling. Under the staircase, we created a cosy space with chairs, completing the colour palette together with the hanger wall and shoe cabinet.

Project and realization

As part of the project, we covered the interior design and project documentation for furniture manufacture and professionals.

The realization itself required a keen eye for detail and high quality of the individual artisan work. The logistics of the individual professionals required the full attention of our realization team. The significant scale and difficulty of the project itself proved to be an interesting challenge, if only due to the amount of elements used in the interior. We successfully tackled all this to the utmost satisfaction of our client.

Photo: Marián Svítek/BOLD Digital

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