• Reconstruction of a flat in the historical centre

    Reconstruction of a flat in the historical centre

    Design of a modern interior of a flat located in the historical centre of Bratislava.


Our task was to design and reconstruct a flat for a small family with a child to make it seems modern, while also fulfilling the needs of the owners.

It was a rather sizeable project requiring merging of two existing flats in their original state directly in the historical centre of Bratislava. The reconstruction was truly thorough, as it was important to redo everything from the floor to the ceiling, in order for the flat to meet modern living criteria.

We spiced up the neutral looks by adding some colours in form of accessories or designer solo pieces and by illuminating the entire space with natural, as well as artificial, light.

At first glance, it might seem the flat is very simple, but looks can be deceiving. As the famous designer Charles Eames said, details make the design. This flat has them in troves. Let us take a closer look at what we actually designed for the flat’s owners.

75 m2

living space


months to design


months to deliver

75 m2

living space


months to design


months to deliver

Living Room

„The details are not the details. They make the design.“

The living room is a very simple and sleek room with plenty of light. Everything here has its place. The TV set, along with the speaker system, is built into the wall, hiding the cabling. The rear speakers and subwoofer are concealed in the ceiling and bookcase, respectively. The bookcase itself can be opened and provides a large amount of space for books or souvenirs. An ethanol fireplace insert is also built into the bookcase. The entire bookcase encompassing the load-bearing construction is connected to storage spaces in the kitchen part. What is interesting is that enlarging the window openings required a different heating solution. The flooring was originally made with a thick layer of slag, which allowed us to utilize fan coil technology, which we set into it. By doing this, we replaced the previous heating bodies with a newer technology, while keeping that clean design we strived to maintain.


The materials are consistent within the entire apartment. Our main material was oak, which filled the space with a warm homey feeling through the flooring and furniture. Oak ply is combined with multiple materials. In the case of the bookcase, it was beige DTD laminate with a gentle wood motif. In the case of the kitchen, it was large-format panelling with a marble motif and kitchen worktops in midnight black, made out of Corian. The sprayed semi-matte MDF kitchen counters stand in contrast and add to the worktops.

Oak nature

Oak nature


Corian Midnight

Corian Midnight

Kitchen Countertop




We also used large-format panelling in the bathroom, also with a marble motif, but this time with a terrazzo-motif tiling.


As we already mentioned, we were dealing with a complete reconstruction, including the merging of two existing flats, a studio and a one-bedroom apartment. By doing this, we created a two-bedroom apartment with a pleasant layout and two bathrooms. It is orientated in two cardinal directions, north and south. Since this was a merge, the final layout was unrecognizable from the original one, with the sole exception of a load-bearing wall.

  • Layout


    • Hallway
    • Master bedroom
    • Master bathroom
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Livingroom
    • Kitchen
    • Balcony


Similarly to the living room, the kitchen gives off a very simple vibe, as they are connected, so the consistent look is desirable. The kitchen is dominated by a roomy Corian kitchen counter and a beautiful dining table with designer chairs. The image is perfected by an LED strip, spotlights, designer chandelier and mood lighting concealed in the ceiling.


The storage spaces are handled in a very elegant and clever manner. The wall connected to the bookcase hides grocery cupboards, along with a fridge and freezer. Such solution allows the owners to have everything they need when cooking handy.

Bathroom and bedroom

As we already mentioned, the flat contains two large bathrooms. One is accessible from the master bedroom and one can be found through the hallway, available to children or guests. The beautiful designer taps built into the wall in the bathroom are an interesting design element.

The bedroom is very simple and functional, without unnecessary clutter. It is, however, worth mentioning, that we used sliding doors in order to save space.


The furniture of the flat is a combination of custom-made pieces with unique looks and designer solo pieces. In addition to the contrast created by the wooden and bright colours, the space seems optically bigger thanks to the clever placement of mirror surfaces. The designer pieces, for example coffee tables and chairs, form an inseparable part of the overall impression because of their simple and effective design.


We have already stated that the seemingly simple design is enriched by added details. Let us take a look at them. For example, the custom made leather straps, slotted handles or the meticulously concealed phone chargers. Lovely hangers dot the hallway, along with a wooden stool. The bathroom boasts a nice chrome hanger, in addition to the aforementioned taps. The project would not have been the same without the high level of technical precision of prowess, which is reflected in every detail throughout the flat.

Projekt a realization

Even though it may not look the part, this flat required a lot of work. We transformed two old flats from their original state into one new flat.

In addition to the interior design, we also facilitated realisation, construction and reconstruction work, all the contractors and necessary craftsmen. We also prepared the project documentation for furniture manufactory, electricity grid, water and sewage.

All in all, it took us 3 months to design and another 5 months to complete the reconstruction.

Photo: Marián Svítek/BOLD Digital

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