Custom furniture

Original and functional furniture, designed in detail according to your needs.

Why our custom furniture?

Since 1996 we’ve helped our clients decorate their homes and interiors with custom designed and manufactured furniture. Initially as a kitchen and bathroom atelier, Štúdio Štýl, then later under the direction of Archstyl, where we expanded our services to the design and delivery of tailor-made furniture for the whole interior.

We have always believed in the added value that custom furniture provides. Each of our needs are unique, therefore the standard quality of furniture freely available on the market do not always suffice. In addition, each interior is unique. Arranging furniture means making compromises.

Good furniture that can adapt to their owners, is functional, elegant and made of quality materials. We emphasize on the ability to customize according to your needs. We designers and architects use powerful tools that can perfectly control every single detail and thereby shape the look of your interior. The result is an original piece of furniture without compromise.

With our many years of experience, we’re able to take on a wide variety of interiors. We have a solution for you, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, closet, or commercial office space.

Dušan Krč
Dušan Krč

Dušan Krč

Dušan Krč


Dušan Krč
Dušan Krč

Dušan Krč

Dušan Krč


Customized solutions

Quality furniture for every interior. Whether you’re arranging your dream home, commercial or office space, we have a solution for you.

Apartments and family houses

We will design your dream kitchen with modern appliances and storage space. We provide multifunctional wardrobes, or furniture for the office, living room or nursery.

Commercial spaces

A strictly defined corporate identity requires the adjustment of furniture to specific colors and shapes. We will help you create your own designed identity, and ensure that each commercial space is unique.

Office spaces

Meeting rooms or work environments. We design specialized furniture, hide cabling and create aesthetic and functional place that you will love. Even at work or in a meeting, you can feel comfortable.

Guaranteed quality

Arrange your interior from A to Z. From furniture design to complete implementation, we stand behind our quality.

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