Technical documentation

We pay attention to every single detail, because the quality of project documentation is the basis for success in implementation.

Although you may not realize it, architecture is a part of everyday life. Many times we are surrounded by imaginative architectural solutions, which, however, without adequate support, would never exist.

If you’ve ever asked yourself while gazing upon an interesting building: “How is that even possible?” The answer is actually quite clear. It’s a connection between the vision of the architect and technical solutions that transform the building into reality.

The basic philosophy behind Archstyl’s operation is a link between two disciplines, creativity and technology within a single team. Any ideas and solutions entering the creating process can be effectively coordinated through an effective streamlined process.

During project creation, we rely on the latest technological applications using BIM design in 3D space, enabling us to efficiently create project documentation, in the event of changes, flexibly adjust and also lays the groundwork for various construction professions. Within this environment we analyze and optimize the construction aspect and its energetic parameters.

It doesn’t have to look like it at first glance, but buildings are complex facilities and their design requires a combination of many technical disciplines. We enjoy simplifying most processes for our clients, and therefore offer them in the context of simplifying the drafting of complete documentation involving wiring, plumbing, heating, fire safety, support structures, smart systems, etc.

From our experience we know that the quality of project documentation is the basis for successful implementation. Our team of architects and engineers are ready to help and advise you along the way to your new investment plan.

BIM design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is software that is used alongside conventional design methods to offer the possibility to analyze, simulate and optimize building design. We can thus efficiently create project documentation and collect a wide variety of information regarding the project, which is then used during construction or operation.

Ľuboš Kamenický
Ľuboš Kamenický

Ľuboš Kamenický

Ľuboš Kamenický

Lead Engineer

Ľuboš Kamenický
Ľuboš Kamenický

Ľuboš Kamenický

Ľuboš Kamenický

Lead Engineer

How does a project come about?

The procedure for the preparation of project documentation consists of several phases. Let’s look together at how the different phases progress.

Project building permits

First, we work in accordance with the architectural design to create the documentation used in obtaining authorization to implement a building plan.

Project implementation

Consequently, we draw up detailed documentation for the direct needs of the individual construction profession. It is also part of the inventory of materials and labor, from which we can calculate the costs of implementation.


A finished project doesn’t stop at the design, since you can rely on us during the implementation process as well. We provide supervision and coordinate the realization of the building so that the results are exactly as designed.

Build with certainty

Construct your complete project documentation and streamline the process of implementation.

Save time and money. We can supply the complete project documentation necessary for the implementation of your investment plan. There’s no need to worry that the finished product will end in an unpleasant surprise. The whole process is under our control and we guarantee that the project will be implemented according to what had been agreed upon.

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“The decisive factor was our choice of partner, who could not only technically develop the project’s rental units, but also manage the project to a successful conclusion.”

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