• Duplex apartment in Ružinov

    Duplex apartment in Ružinov

    Design of a modern interior in the centre of Bratislava featuring Danish design elements.


Design and realisation of a four-bedroom apartment in a newly-erected building was carried out smoothly and in a nice atmosphere. The owners admired beautiful and modern northern design style that we also like very much and is our specialty. We were, likewise, pleased to know that they trusted us and gave us a free hand with the overall design direction.

Northern design, in this case inspired and predominantly represented by Danish design, is typical for its use of bright pastel and earth-like colours and natural materials.

You will find only a minimal amount of colours in the interior and everything is matching perfectly. In the living room, we used complementary colours – yellow with light blue – to liven up the fundamental colour scheme. Contrast was achieved not only by the use of colours, but also different surfaces. In this case, it was a combination of rough concrete wall coating and light floor.

The only place where we diverge from the ever-present colour scheme is the children’s bedroom. Since colours promote creativity, we opted for mint green.

105 m2

of living space


months to design


months to deliver

105 m2

of living space


months to design


months to deliver

Living room

“Design isn’t only about how good things look. It’s also about how well they work.”

Design of the living room’s interior was avchallenge for us. The problem of this space was the absence of a suitable place for the placement of a TV as well as an unfortunate and overly visible entrance to the laundry room. We solved these shortcomings using a sliding panel that housed both TV and audio systems and, at the same time, served as a concealment of the less-than-unfortunate entrance. On the outside, it is simple and aesthetically pleasing, but on the inside, it contains clever technological solution for cable management for all connected devices.

Mezonet Ružinov, Obývacia izba, šedá sedacia súprava, dánsky dizajn, osvetlenie bytu, visiace svietidlo, taburetka, dizajnový konferenčný stolík, terasa
Mezonet Bratislava, obývačka, severský dizajn, knižnica na mieru, dizajnové stoličky, taburetka BoConcept, dizajnové doplnky
Obývačka, šedá sedačka, dánsky dizajn, osvetlenie bytu, visiace svietidlo, taburetka, dizajnový konferenčný stolík, terasa
Mezonet v Ružinove, betónová omietka, visiace osvetlenie, dizajnový konferenčný stolík, taburetka, schody v byte, návrh
Mezonet Bratislava Ružinov, drevené schody, betónová omietka, vstup do bytu, schodisko
Zásuvná stena s televízorom, práčovňa v byte


In the kitchen and bathroom, we used ceramic tiles featuring bold geometrical structure and colour. Walls in the rest of the apartment are covered with concrete coating and made to resemble raw concrete. Additionally, floor throughout the whole apartment is overlaid with brushed oak flooring.

Concrete plaster

Concrete plaster








Material contrast mostly evident from the roughness of the wall coating is counterbalanced with cosy and warm-toned wooden flooring. Consistency in appearance of kitchen and bathroom was achieved by the use of ceramic tiles with concrete texture.


Compared to older apartments, modern new buildings are often well-constructed when it comes to disposition and this duplex is not an exception. It is bright and oriented to three cardinal directions. Night zone is situated on the second floor and, as such, is separated from the day zone on the floor below. We had to make only a few small adjustments – add a bath tub, toilet and shower to the bathroom.

  • Pôdorys 1.NP

    1st floor

    • Entry
    • Toilet
    • Kitchen
    • Living room
    • Technical room
    • Loggia
    • Stairway
  • Pôdorys 2.NP

    2nd floor

    • Stairway
    • Hallway
    • Bathroom
    • Children's room
    • Home office
    • Bedroom
    • Terrace

Kitchen and dining room

Modern white kitchen is simply designed and equipped. The semi-matt kitchen cabinet contains built-in appliances and creates a nice contrast with the colour mosaic. Breakfast stand and wine cabinet is situated next to the window. The proximity of kitchen to the dining room is a great advantage. We intentionally refrained from using hanging lights in the kitchen, giving the owners a prospect of moving the folding dining table if they wish to do so.

Obývacia izba s kychyňou, škandinávsky bytový dizajn, dizajnové osvetlenie, dizajnové doplnky, dizajnové svietidlo
Okrúhly jedálenský stôl, dizajnové stoličky BoConcept, dubová podlaha
Biela kuchyňa, severský dizajn, dizajnové barové stoličky, vinotéka, raňajkový pult, barový pult, zafrézované úchytky
Kuchyňa v tvare u, škandinávska biela kuchyňa na mieru, nerezový digestor, vstavané spotrebiče, mozaika, obklad, nábytok na mieru

Storage space

We always adopt the same philosophy when designing storage spaces, and that is hiding everything that isn’t supposed to be seen. In most cases, we hide things in the existing invisible storage spaces that are situated throughout the whole apartment. The only visible storage space is a bookshelf in the living room and children’s bedroom.

As we have already mentioned, the entrance to the laundry room is hidden behind the sliding panel. In order to prevent the laundry noise from infiltrating the rest of the apartment, we further separated the room with an acoustic door.

Bedroom and hallway

Bedroom is located on the second floor. The dominant design feature in this room is eccentricity. We decided to play with the shapes a little and avoid boring and perfect symmetricity. A fixed bedside table is placed on the left, while another portable table found its place on the right. The stylish hanging concrete chandelier is likewise placed to the left of the room’s geometrical centre.

The bed is custom-made. It features a beautiful wooden frame and a mirror headboard that create an interesting effect. Even more interesting is the mirror in the hallway. It optically enlarges the room and creates an illusion of a never-ending concrete wall.

Luxusná spálňa so šatníkom, luxusná posteľ na mieru, škandinávsky interiérový dizajn, betónová omietka, príručný stolík
Luxusná spálňa, betónové svietidlo, nábytok do spálne na mieru
Spálňa, dizajnové betónové svietidlo, lampa, Dutchbone
Mezonet, chodba, betónová omietka, vstup do spálne, dizajn chodby
Dizajnová posteľ na mieru


Design accessories and details add a nice touch to the apartment’s appearance and help define its unique identity. In this case, it is mostly design components, lights and paintings from a Danish company BoConcept, Dutchbone and Frandsen in combination with custom-made accessories.

Children’s room

This room is likewise located on the second floor. Its big advantage is two large windows that let in a lot of bright light. On the other hand, it lacks walls that would have allowed us to place more furniture into the room.

Interior was designed to accommodate the needs of a pre-schooler and that’s why we decided to give it a playful appearance. We designed a set of houses that are integrated into the furniture and are an interesting design feature. They serve as a decoration as well as toy. When the child grows up, it will be possible to remove them from the furniture.

Detská izba, tapeta, drevená podlaha, biely nábytok na mieru, navrh
Detská izba, mozaiková tapeta, drevená podlaha, biela skriňa
Detská izba, geometrická tapeta, biely nábytok na mieru
Detská izba, tapeta, drevená podlaha, biely nábytok na mieru


Bathroom had to be adjusted to meet the requirements of its owners. We added a bath tub, toilet and shower. The space looks spacious and is well lit by the light from a window that also offers a nice view of Bratislava.

Dizajnová kúpeľňa, škandinávsky dizajn, dizajnový radiátor, sprchový kút, mozaikový obklad mutina tex, farebné kúpelne, nábytok do kúpeľne na mieru
Kúpeľňa s oknom, kúpeľňa s wc, toaleta, obklad
Dizajnová kúpeľňa, škandinávsky dizajn, dizajnový radiátor, sprchový kút
Kúpeľňa s oknom, kúpeľňa s wc, toaleta, obklad


Interior furniture comprises a mix of custom-made pieces made by BoConcept. Designing the furniture from scratch allowed us to have a great deal of flexibility and full control over the look of the whole duplex apartment. Furniture design borrows colours from all around the apartment. The combination of oak wood and other materials creates a nice harmony and gives the interior a balanced feel.

Stolička BoConcept Ottawa Black
Stolička BoConcept Ottawa Black

BoConcept Ottawa chairs

An interesting design feature is dining room chairs made by BoConcept. This iconic Ottawa model can be used in combination with almost any interior style. They are offered in a plethora of colours, materials and shape variations.

Project and realization

Owners gave us a free hand with the whole interior design and part of the realisation. Apart from small adjustments, the newly-built apartment was sound and meet all requirements. After making those adjustments, we could focus on converting the empty apartment into something non-traditional.

We created the interior design concept including a detailed budget, realistic visualisations and virtual reality tour. The owners had a chance to examine every detail of our design well before we started with the realisation. We also created a detailed blueprint for craftsmen and designed the custom-made furniture.

Design and realisation took use a shy of one month. The whole interior was completely built and realised by our company and the owners we ready to move in in the next three months.

Photo: BOLD digital


This interior was depicted in the second edition of Atrium in 2017 under the headline Danish inspiration.

Atrium, Danish inspiration, interior, design

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