• Family house in Myjava

    Family house in Myjava

    Project of a family house with a view of Kopanice.


The generous plot of land, on which the family house designed by us is located, has one unique feature. This is the private forest located in its rear part. In addition, it is also characterised by beautiful views of the surrounding Myjava landscape. From the beginning, the clients wished that the house would provide them with enough privacy in the garden area and that the spaciousness of the plot would be used for the comfort of a fully barrier-free house, with the day and night area on one floor. Since they are avid motorcycle riders, they also asked us to design a large basement garage with lots of storage space.


We have decided to divide the mass of the house into two separate objects connected through the dining area. One mass forms the space for the day area and other secondary spaces. The second mass is the night part of the house. Both are covered with gable roofs to visually fit into the Myjava region. We first placed these two objects parallel to each other, but later decided to rotate them slightly due to a better possibility of realising the garage entrance. Between the two arms of these masses, a pleasant half atrium was created from the garden side, which draws the garden into the heart of the entire house. The large social terrace is architecturally integrated directly into the mass of the day area and is directly linked to the kitchen.

Rodinný dom v Myjave
Rodinný dom v Myjave
Rodinný dom v Myjave
Rodinný dom v Myjave


Since the land is sloping, several retaining walls had to be created. Stone seemed a logical material for their execution. After all, the houses within the region of Myjavské kopanice were often built as simple stone buildings. We also decided to cover some of the walls of the day part of the house with stone. Since it is a nobler natural material, it will more representatively accentuate the day area, which is also the first one visible from the street. Connecting parts with flat roofs are designed in a neutral concrete shade, and the night part is simply plastered with a decent white plaster. The roofs and plumbing structures, as well as the window frames are designed in grey and anthracite colours.


Within the project we paid maximum attention to the relationship between the exterior and interior. The rear part, towards the forest, was logically designed as a private garden. On the other hand, the opposite side offers sunny views of the surrounding countryside. The whole house is characterised by airiness, which is ensured by relatively large windowpanes. The living room window (which has an open headroom up to the roof truss) fills the entire gable wall and provides a fantastic view of the uplands, fields and pastures. The same benefit is provided by the large windows of the children’s rooms in the night part of the house. The dining area, the heart of the entire house, combines this principle with a view of the atrium and the rear garden part of the land.

  • Pôdorys


  • Pôdorys

    1st floor

Interior and layout

The layout of the house is the result of a well-thought-out user diagram, analysing the movement and activities of the future users of the house. The closet and guest lavatory are logically located at the main entrance. The living space consists of a living room and a large kitchen with a direct connection to the pantry, with an additional “dirty” kitchen and also with a connection to the exterior terrace with a niche for an outdoor grill. The dining area is the connecting point of the day area with the entrance to the night area and is perhaps the most airy and open space of the whole house. Children’s rooms, a guest room and the parents’ bedroom, together with the relevant sanitary facilities, are located in the mass of the night part. This entire part is built on the cellar and for this reason there is also a staircase leading to the basement, which includes a large garage and other storage and technical spaces.

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