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    Apartment in Devin Gardens I.

    Extravagant interior design developed to showcase apartment offering in Devin Gardens


Minimalistic, industrially stylized interior tailored for the true followers of non-traditional design. Exceptional quality of the apartment is apparent at the first glance at its inventive solution and natural materials.

The apartment itself is nestled into a sloped topography, which helped with selections of the basic color palette. This color scheme consists of warm shades of wood combined with shades of grey.

The apartment maintains its light in spite of this thanks to large windows offering view of the castle Devin, and ample sun light.

108 m2

of living space


room apartment with garden

108 m2

of living space


room apartment with garden

Living room

The beautiful electric blue sofa in the premises creates space for greenery and ambient lighting in form of designer lamps. The TV wall covered in wood paneling is completed within reinforcement steel bars which are popular elements in the interior with industrial design.

Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, odvážny dizajn, obývacia izba
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, kuchyňa
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, jedáleň
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, obývacia izba, taburetka


In the interiors majority of materials are natural, enhanced by bold accent colors like the cereluan blue sofa and light pink ottoman. Hard wood brushed white oak floors contrasts with the fir wanescotting/ paneling stained in multiple shades. Warm colors of wood are balanced off by a concrete plaster on the wall behind the sectional sofa and on the kitchen island.

Stained pine

Stained pine

Interior cladding

Bleached oak

Bleached oak


Concrete plaster

Concrete plaster


Kitchen cabinets are semi-matte spray-painted doors in dark beige tones. The walls are white plaster. Children’s room features white painted cabinets. Bathroom floors are ceramic tile combined with mosaic.

Floor plan

The area of the kitchen, dining room and the living room are the center of the daily action. Individual rooms and bathrooms are directly extending from the dining area. The floor plan of the dining room was changed, to accommodate the entrances to the rooms. This way a more comfortable space was created for six person dining table. In the kitchen, dining room and entry hall we lowered the ceiling in order to eliminate and hide the visible beams.

  • Pôdorys 1.PP
    • Entry with closet
    • WC with laundry room
    • Bathroom
    • Home office
    • Kitchen
    • Dining room
    • Children’s room
    • Bedroom
    • Living room
    • Terrace


The lowered ceiling defines the kitchen area including bar and work area. This custom-made kitchen shows minimalistic elements through its cooking top and hood that are hidden behind sprayed sliding doors. After cooking, it is possible to close off this space to achieve visual simplicity and compactness.

Byt na prízemí
Byt na prízemí
Byt na prízemí
Byt na prízemí


The bedroom is the epitome of simplicity and functionality. In addition to the custom-made designer beds, you will find a large wardrobe and library, TV and bedside tables. Small details appear in the leather fittings in the wooden wardrobe and original headboard solutions deliver character in the design. The bedroom is beautifully lighted with large windows with direct access to the terrace.

Children’s room and home office

Both of these rooms are designed to be versatile, as to adapt to its intended purpose. Essentials consist of sprayed white custom-made furniture. After adding accessories in various colors, the bedrooms come to life creating a sufficiently pleasant and playful environment.

Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, kúpeľňa
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, malá kupeľňa
Záhrady devín, bývanie, návrh interiéru pre trojdom, malá kúpeľňa


The smaller bathroom near the entry to the apartment shares its space with a technical facility, which is separated with traversable panels overlapped with textile curtains. Earthy shades of ceramic tiles complement the use of colorful mosaics. As first glace, the small space is assisted by a wall mirror with storage for cosmetics.

The master bathroom follows the same color scheme with mosaic and textile curtain, which hides drywall bearing storage alcoves.

Furniture and accessories

Interior furniture comprises a mix of custom-made pieces complimented by design elements from the worlds leading designer brands. Designing the furniture from scratch allowed us to have a great deal of flexibility and full control over the look of the whole duplex apartment. Furniture design borrows colours from all around the apartment. The combination of spruce wood and other materials creates a nice harmony and gives the interior a balanced feel.

  • Capitain lamp

    Capitain lamp


  • Conference table Tray

    Conference table Tray


  • Eames DSW chair

    Eames DSW chair


  • C Lola chair

    C Lola chair


  • Twisted writing desk

    Twisted writing desk


  • Dining room lamp Bell

    Dining room lamp Bell

    Normann Copenhagen

    Virtual tour

    We developed immersive experience in form of a virtual tour for the clients. Virtual tours works on the basis of special glasses such as Oculus Rift, which when adorned, an individual can find themselves in their future apartment. You will see your home in photorealistic quality, perceive the depth and dimension of space, color, material or glare like the real thing. It’s the ideal way to find out whether the interior of the apartment will be something you will enjoy.

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    This interior design was prepared to showcase apartment variations and capabilities of Devin Gardens offering. Don't miss opportunity to watch short behind the scenes video from Devin Gardens Open days where we presented this design to visitors.

    Would you like to learn more about interior design as it happens or what services we provide?

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