• Štvorizbový byt v Bratislave, interiérový dizajn, moderná kuchyňa nové bývanie

    Three bedroom apartment in Bratislava

    Design of a stylish interior in a relaxing environment surrounded by nature.


The apartment is located in a charming environment close to the nature and river. Its location truly offers the best of both worlds - everything you need for a life in a busy city and the proximity of nature. This is where we drew our inspiration from. In order to highlight connection to nature, we decided to use as much wood as possible.

Our task was to design the apartment interior that will be a home to a young and growing family. Therefore, there was a need for both functionality and aesthetics. As a base, we used trendy elements, such as wooden materials typical for a Scandinavian style, however, in order to reflect the owners’ personality, requirements and lifestyle on the interior, we also took a couple of detours.

During the first tour of the apartment it was clear that the building architects did a great job designing the apartment - the room layout was thoughtfully designed and the apartment’s orientation was also taken into consideration.

135 m2

of living space


months to design


months to deliver

135 m2

of living space


months to design


months to deliver

Main area

“The secret of a good design hides in the smallest details that are often not even visible at the first glance.”

At the heart of the apartment is the main area - living room - overseeing the river. The glass panels present in this room evoke feelings of connection to the nature. The apartment already came with a wooden floor that was replaced with a carpet in bedrooms and office (based on the client’s wish). We were sorry to throw away so much of a quality material and, therefore, we used the disassembled floor in other areas of the apartment, specifically on the ceiling between the hallway and living room. The presence of wood around the ceiling led to creating an amazing spacious atmosphere and confirmed that darker colors on the ceiling are nothing to be afraid of.

interiérový dizajn | interiér inšpirácia
visiace stropné lampy do jedálne, dizajnové svietidlo
jedálenské stoličky TON
Interiér štvorizbového bytu, krásna dubová podlaha a moderný dizajn
obývačka s kuchyňou plná inšpirácie
knižnica nábytok na mieru
jedálenský stôl z masívu
pekné bývanie, antracitová kuchyňa


Material scheme is rather simple. The dominating material used throughout the whole interior is oak wood. We also used acacia wood for some details. Kitchen cabinets are made of anthracite MDF to accentuate a strong contrast between the warm wood and cold anthracite.

Anthracite MDF

Anthracite MDF

Kitchen cabinets

Oak wood

Oak wood


Color accents

Color accents


Dining table made of acacia wood positively breaks out of the uniformity of the material scheme. It is an interesting element that is big and beautiful. The same color and material scheme with some color twists is used then in the rest of the interior.


The whole apartment was very well designed and is divided into day and night areas. Night area comprises bedroom, children’s room and bathroom. Day area then comprises the rest, kitchen, living room and home office. They face the nature, whereas bedrooms face the city.

  • Pôdorys


    • Hallway
    • Closet
    • Home office
    • Children's room
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Laundry room
    • Toilet
    • Main area
    • Loggia


Kitchen is the central point of this interior. Family members meet and eat here. Apart from the design, we focused on usability. Everything has its own place and things that are not needed are neatly hidden in the kitchen cabinets. We integrated cabinet handles into the panels s  that they don’t stick out. It not only adds to aesthetics but it’s safe too. Especially when there are little kids running around.

čierna kuchyňa na mieru
čierna kuchynská linka
čierna kuchyňa na mieru, dubové drevo
kuchynské dvierka
kuchyna dub

Lighting scenes

Interior lighting is based on dimmable LEDs integrated into the ceiling. They emit very natural light that replicates daylight temperature. Owners can choose from a variety of lighting scenes or change the overall mood completely. Dining table has its own lighting setup. We placed a set of very stylish pendant lamps over the table to add design feel to it.

Living room

Living room is very simple yet functional. It comprises spacious gray sofa and the most prominent element of this space, a custom made shelving unit that houses TV, audio system and a plenty of storage, too.

dizajnové kreslá do obývačky
dizajnová obývačka
interiérový dizajn | obývačka
dizajnové kreslá do bytu

Shelving unit

Shelving unit is designed to house many of the owner’s souvenirs. While it looks aesthetically pleasing, it still provides a lot of storage space, too. Some of the shelves are even backlit to highlight the most favorite souvenirs. It may not look like at the first glance, but the unit houses a TV and minibar neatly hidden behind the closed doors. This helps to visually simplify the whole look and doesn’t draw too much attention.

Bedroom and hallway

We believe that material and color consistence is the cornerstone of a great interior design. That is why we followed the same design principles in other rooms as well as in bedrooms. The most prominent element of the whole room is a custom made bed and a spacious wardrobe cabinet.

Hallway separates day and night area by employing custom made sliding door without bottom tracks. The best thing is that the door doesn’t look like a traditional doors and visually replicates a type of veneer instead.

návrh interiéru, spálňa na mieru
interiérový dizajn

Details and accessories

There is a lot of details we can talk about. For sake of brevity, we would like to highlight only some them, for instance smartphone charger hidden in the drawer or built-in audio system in the ceiling we have already spoken about. Our aim was to hide everything that can be hidden and to simplify the overall look and feel of the interior.

Children’s room

Owners requested two level bed for their two children. In fact, this was a great idea that let us use the space to create a playground. Right in the middle of the room, we placed a tent to give them space to play or just to hide in case one of them wants to be alone for a moment.

We transformed one of the walls into magnetic whiteboard so that children can draw on it. While designing this room, we aimed for flexible design that can be easily transformed as children grow.

detská izba
interiér detskej izby a poschodová posteľ


Interior furniture comprises a mix of custom-made pieces and models made by TON. Designing the furniture from scratch allowed us to have a great deal of flexibility and full control over the look of the whole apartment. Furniture design borrows colors from all around the apartment. The combination of oak wood and other materials creates a nice harmony and gives the interior a balanced feel.

Stolička Ton Merano
Stolička Ton Merano

Armchair Ton Merano

An interesting feature is dining armchair made by famous Czech furniture company TON with furniture making tradition since 1861. This iconic Merano model was designed by Alex Gufler and awarded with Red Dot Design Award. They are offered in plethora of colors and shape variations.

Project and realization

While working on the project, owners requested that we leave in the existing tiling and flooring and work around it.

Soon after, we realized that would mean a lot of compromises. Adjusting the design to the existing elements was not a viable long-term option. We recommended to use custom made furnishings instead. Along with the furniture, we decided to upgrade the existing internal wiring and added new features such as air conditioning and built-in audio system.

We were glad that owners let us work on the project for an extended period of time to finish everything to the best of our abilities. The whole project took us seven months to design and five more to put into place.

Photo: BOLD digital

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