• Limbach family house

    Limbach family house

    Design of a family house in well-known wine-growing village.


We received a project, the assignment of which was to create a house for a family with adult children who plan to gradually move away from their parents. And the parents want to spend their retirement in an active way in contact with nature and a large garden. The house should be designed in such way as to provide a good background for various recreational activities, such as cycling, outdoor sports, but also the use of a sauna and home exercise.

A specific feature of the plot is its surrounding – the plot is surrounded by vineyards on two sides, because it is located in the peripheral part of the village near Bratislava. Limbach is a well-known wine-growing village, so the house should also include a common room designed for wine tasting, as the owner is a wine collector.


Due to the rural context of the environment, we designed the roof structures mainly as gable roofs with a tailor-made timber truss. However, since the clients needed a relatively large interior floor area and wanted it mainly on the ground floor, we decided to divide the house into three composition units with gable roofs. They resemble three separate houses, which are interconnected with a connecting material with a flat roof, which then flows smoothly into the exterior and creates a covered outdoor living terrace.

We have worked with organic-looking curves to dynamize the architecture and ensure its better adaptation to the natural environment. We then followed up on this element by using round windows, specifically on the entrance façade of the house, as well as in some of its gables. We also did this to provide better lighting of the attic space, which will be open in the living room in its entire height. Above the garage, the round window will provide natural light in the space above the parking spaces, which the clients will use for storing various things, for example sports equipment. The back side of the whole house is characterised by large glass areas – windows that will be implemented in a clean and "frameless" design as far as possible – which will blur the difference between the interior and the exterior as much as possible.


The dominant material in the design is the stone cladding of the perimeter walls. We chose this material because of the above-mentioned context of rural environment and landscape. The stone and the vineyard offered themselves as an obvious connection. Since we wanted to stick to natural materials in the design, we supplemented the stone with wood, which appears in the structure of the outdoor terrace – on its vertical columns, as a material covering the ceiling, or as a wear layer on the floor.

In addition, the wood also becomes the cladding façade material of the second above-ground floor, in a dark burned design which ensures its surface stability. The roof structure, sheeting elements and other sheet metal works are also fine-tuned to this in a decent dark-coloured finish. As it is typical for our designs, materials from the exterior smoothly pass into the interior, where they become an integral part of its design.

Interior and layout

The house is divided into three wings. One of them is a day zone – an open-plan living room with the dining room and kitchen. The second wing consists of two storeys. The first floor includes the parents' night zone consisting of a bedroom, a walk-in closet and a private bathroom.

The second floor of this wing includes rooms for children, who will also have their own bathroom. The third wing is reserved for the garage, storage and other technical and operational spaces. These three units – independent in terms of composition – are interconnected by a connecting material covered by a flat roof. In it, we have placed the entrance and communication areas, as well as the common room and fitness room with a sauna.

. In the interior, natural communication lines are clearly identifiable and are often terminated or illuminated from the side by glass surfaces in order to avoid the impression of a confined space. The worktop of the kitchen unit is located on the central island, which offers the benefit of a view through the living room to the back garden when cooking. In addition to the main terrace, which is located behind the living room, it is also possible to get to the additional “breakfast” terrace from the dining room and kitchen. It is designed as partially roofed, but compositionally framed by a pergola, which will be overgrown with climbing plants and designed in a relatively intimate way, since it is partially embedded between the house and the adjacent vineyard. This is another way to bring the outdoors and nature closer to the interior of the house.

The entire day zone is designed in a longitudinal and very open space, where the timber structure of the truss is visible in the interior and thus again refers to the traditional rural solution of house interiors. The night zone is located in a more distant part of the house so that it ensures an undisturbed use. In addition, it is divided into two floors in order to separate the space for the parents and the space for the children, or guests, when the children move out. It goes without saying that the interior design includes a generous amount of storage space, which is made up of custom-made furniture or separate walk-in closets.

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